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Welcome to the website of

Orchid society Rotterdam.



We have a new location for our society meetings. Take a look at the contact page for more information.




For the first time visitor who might wonder what an Orchid Society is, we will start with a short introduction.

An Orchid Society is a large group of enthusiastic Orchid lovers united via the Dutch Orchid Society Netherlands. Every province has its own Society and some provinces have several.

Before you start thinking “Well, this is not for me, I only have one lousy Orchid”, let me tell you, it is something for you. Even with just one Orchid you are most welcome.

The members of an Orchid Society are Orchid lovers of every imaginable kind. Some of them, maybe like you, have no more than a handful of Orchids. Others have transforme their entire garden into a greenhouse with heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, and might own hundreds of Orchids.

this only shows, everybody is welcome, no matter if you have just one Orchid or you own hundreds of them.
With our love of Orchids also comes the need to talk about them or to show follow Orchid lovers how much it has grown, or how beautiful its flowers are.

This is already enough reason to regularly gather together and meet other Orchid lovers. We also often invite people who are just as enthusiastic as we are and give presentations about their knowledge and experiences.
We also regularly visit Orchid Growers and gave a lot of them a review.

Please take a look at our schedule for the dates of our meetings and our trips and feel free to explore our website.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to visit us at one of our meetings, or just send us an email. In addition to our rather large library we have many members with a lot of knowledge on nearly every aspect of Orchids


The Dutch Orchid Society regularly publishes a newsletter. Subscribe to this newsletter is free of charge even for non-members.

You can register via the following link:'s/aanmelden.png


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Special thanks also go to the botanical and informational support of Rogier van Vugt, Bert van Zuylen ,Wubben and Judith Prins. And not in the least thanks to the support of Louis

Our logo, the Oncidium equitans hybride, was created from a picture we took at Orchidgrower Wubben.